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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

baby skate with his mom's help in family gathering before his dad's hometown journey.

settled in dad's house, in hometown village Zhudajiu.^its has been almost a week since last blog. now, after 3 days on the road, i settled in the old house of my passed dad. my aged mom cooked for me, and i enjoyed the food very much as usual. the boardband likely will working next day. it has been sunny days since my arrival. yesterday i slept a lot, amid reckons from the shrewd folks in the village, whose inhabitant mostly in family name Zhu. last night it again hard for me to sleep, i felt God, my passed dad aside me, and all of sins in the folks, esp. their wives.
the journey on the train is the tour i babbled most. in thirst for my missing girl zhou, as well as my other wives, i searched every single girl for my beloved. in my dad's house these days sometimes those girls' friendly atitude toward me when i sought talk with them reappear in my mind eyes, and i was deeply touched by their tender hearts for me. on the distant bus from Wuhan to Wuxue, my hometown county, the movie on the bus is a love story, the endeared moment with my girl zhou in QRRS was called forth to my mind, i was more assured that love is immortal, and my new family with my girl zhou, is blessed even stronger.

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Its a bright day after 3 series of the same. we haunted outside together, before my hometown journey which started on next Wednesday when i will leave baby and the city of Qiqihar. the sunshine is quite bright, even stinging. baby cried awhile after a elder boy broast his bravity&push baby's back&let baby fall for he is skating clumsily. on way back home, baby asked some problem with China's security in the world, and i glad to be a talkative lecture for him. its really a nice day.

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